Monday, February 12, 2018

2005 Upper Deck Origins

Manufacturer: Upper Deck
Set: Origins
Card Number: 101
Card Type: Base

I really miss the days when we had multiple manufacturers in the baseball card market.  The junk wax era of the late 80's and early 90's gave way to what would culminate in the mid-2000's in an over saturation of the card market from too many products being produced.  But that over saturation would result in some truly unique and different card sets and packaging.  Pinnacle Inside anyone.  Upper Deck also had many unique offerings.  And not just in types of cards, but how those cards were packaged and sold.  Take the 2005 Origins set.  The cards came in a tin that had a foam insert that held the cards.  You also got a small tin sign.  The cards were not protected in any way other than the cut out of the foam insert so these cards had some condition issues.  You also got 2 relics,one auto, and two serial numbered parallels per tin.  The set was split up between the base cards and the Old Judge set.  I've included a Youtube tin break below if you're interested.   Someone can correct me but I think the base cards were based on one of the Old Judge designs.  

The overall design for the base set was pretty simple, but you get a great action shot of Robin playing shortstop, about to snag a grounder or maybe a short infield hit.  Robin also has an Old Judge insert card, all the color parallels, and an autograph card in the set.

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