Tuesday, February 13, 2018

1984 Brewers Police Issue - Milwaukee Police Dept.

Year: 1984
Manufacturer: ??
Set: Brewers Police SGA
Town/Police Dept: Milwaukee Police Department
Card Number: NNO

If you collect Brewers cards, and I know there's at least 3 of us that do, the Brewers Police sets are pretty iconic.  Starting in 1982 and running till 2007, each 30 card set featured most of the team with a card for the coaches and manager.  The Milwaukee Police Department cards were given away as an SGA or Stadium Giveaway.  But there are also hundreds of local Wisconsin police station variations.  I know in my hometown that the cards were passed out by law enforcement during the 4th of July parade and festivities.  From 1982 to 1990 the cards were oversized and a pain to store and display, but in 1991 the cards went to standard trading card size.  The set from 1982 to 1989 all kind of look the same with the card being oversized card a player picture and then the name and sponsor below.  The standard catalog numbers these cards by the number on the front of the card which is the player number, but I consider these cards unnumbered.  Fellow Brewers collector Tony L. from Off Hiatus Sportcards sent me over some extra Brewers Police cards a while back and I can't remember if this 84 card was one of them or if this is one that I already had.  I have a running list of town variations on their on page on the blog.  Tony was nice enough to send me a copy that he had acquired and while I can't guarantee that it's complete, it is the best list I've seen compiled and believe every town listed has been confirmed to exist.

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