Monday, May 23, 2016

1990 Bowman

Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Bowman Baseball
Card Number: 404
Card Type: Base

I can remember when Topps resurrected the Bowman brand in 1989 it was a big deal.  Now we had two sets to chase. And yes if you had a little extra money you could go after the premium Stadium Club.  This was the start of what we have today with lots and lots of sets, but not as many as the mid 2000's.  Bowman had pretty much been extinct since Topps bought them out in 1956 and later Topps would rebrand Bowman as its premier prospects and rookies set.  In 1989 Topps also issued the cards with the original Bowman dimensions.  Which was neat, but a huge pain in the ass for collector's to store.  So in 1990 Topps just went back to the regular 2x3 dimensions.  This year's set was definitely all about the player.  Huge photo, minimal logo and wordage, same super crowded back.  The rainbow borders are a bit distracting and  remind me of Mork and Mindy, which was still in heavy syndication in 1990.  Overall still a great card and set and like everything from 1990 mega over produced so cards and sets are still super cheap.

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