Friday, January 30, 2015

2014 Topps Tribute Base card

Card Manufactuer: Topps
Card Set: Topps Tribute
Year: 2014
Card Number: 39
Card Type: Base 

Yeah I know another 2014 card.  I'm trying to finish off last years cards, at least the base ones.

Robin's been featured in many years of Tribute.  Not every year, but a lot of them.  Topps has been putting out the Tribute brand since 2001, with a few breaks in the mid-2000's..

I like the overall art deco design.  I also like the no border look and the large photo.  I'm a little disappointed that Topps decided to recycle another pretty heavily used image of Robin.  This photo was taken in 1988.  We can date the photo thanks to the H/K patch on the sleeve that honors the late Brewers manager Harvey Kuenn.  As usual there are all the color parallels you'd expect and Robin also has a bunch of relics and autos in this set.

The back of the card is almost a desert. While I like the roominess of the front of the card that didn't need to be carried over to the back.  You get 4 bulleted highlights and no stats.  Just seems like a lot of empty space back there.

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