Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1990 Kay Bee Kings

Card Manufacturer: Topps
Card Set: Kay Bee Kings
Set Type: Boxed
Year: 1990
Card Number: 33
Card Type: Base

Anyone remember Kay Bee Toys? I think they were in just about every mall.  There was even one up here in Alaska years ago.  Kay Bee out of business about in 2009 and Toys 'R Us picked up the scraps of what was left.  

That being said Kay Bee put a out a box set of cards for 5 years starting in 1986 with its last box set being the Kay Bee Kings set produced by Topps in 1990.

A nice looking set with some great stars in it.  Like most sets from that time frame they were produced in mass and you can still find full boxes of these for cheap and the individual players.

While Kay Bee put out 6 sets in 5 years, 2 sets in 1988, Robin was only featured in two of those sets. This one and the 1989 Super Stars of Baseball.

Robin also get the last card of the set again.  When Robin is featured in these box sets he tends to be the last card in the series.  While the cards are numbered, players appear in the checklist alphabetically by last name.

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