Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Topps Update includes some Younts!

By my count Robin has been issued 190 new cards this year.  You read that right.  Sure that number includes printing plates,other 1/1 cards and all those variations and parallels, but the simple fact is Robin has been getting a lot of love this year being featured in almost every issue Topps and Panini has put out this year.  Well with Topps Update due out Wednesday he's has a couple cards included in the set as well.

I was perusing the checklist over at Cardboard Connection and noticed the new insert set Fond Farwells.

Robin will have a base card and a relic card, but is not featured in the autograph and auto relic versions.

Topps release one live photo of the Auto relic version of Johnny Smoltz.

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