Thursday, October 9, 2014

1981 Kellogg's Uncut Proof Sheet

Card Manufacturer: Kellogg's
Card Set: 3-D Super Stars
Card #57
Card Type: Uncut Sheet

Kellogg's put out food issue sets from 1970 to 1983.  You got cards free in specially marked packages and there usually was also a send in offer.  Robin has a couple cards in a few of the sets including the 1981 3-D Super Stars set.  What we have here is a cool oddball.  A sheet of 9 uncut cards with no lenticular layer.  I'm not sure if this was also a send in item, if it was pulled at the printing plant, or if the auction I won it actually claimed it to be a proof sheet..

Either way a cool oddball with two Brewers greats, Tommy John, Bruce Sutter and others.

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