Thursday, March 6, 2014

1993 Highland Mint Bronze card

Manufacturer: Highland Mint
Set: The Highland Mint Baseball Collection
Year:  1993
Number: 223
Type: Bronze Mint Card
Serial Number 1511/5000

Found another great oddball while digging through the collection. This time it's a 1993 Highland Mint - Bronze 1975 Topps Mint-Card.

The "card" comes in this neat portfolio.

You can see that the product was produced with Topps, MLB, and the MLBPA.
Another cool thing is the number on the bottom of the spine, 1511, is the serial number of the piece.

There's a little bit of wear and tear on the inside spine of the case.
The cards come in a thick lucite holder and are very nicely done.  The bronze edition is limited to 5000.
There is also a silver edition of this card according to the Standard Catalog.  The silver card are limited to 1,000 copies and have 4.25 troy ounces of silver in them. I thought that there was also a gold level issued, but I that might just have been for the 1994 Michael Jordan set.

Each piece come with it's own COA as well.
The MSRP for these was $50 for the bronze back in 1993 and $235 for the silver. Both cards can go for much less now, with bronze cards ranging in book price from $15 to 50 depending on the player.  Robins card back in the 2011 Catalog booked for about $40.

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