Monday, March 10, 2014

1982 McDonald's Milwaukee Brewers Glass with Ben Oglivie

Manufacturer: McDonalds
Set: 1982 Brewers Glassware
Year:  1982
Number: NNO
Type: Drinkware

I featured this glass a while back with the rest of my drinkware, but I figure I'd feature it again all by itself.
These glasses were available at McDonalds back in 1982 and produced by MSA. I'm assuming these were only available in Wisconsin.  I couldn't find any other baseball teams offered, but there was a football set featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers, commemorating their 50th season. I'm not sure when these were offered, if it was early in the year or later after the Brewers had won the pennant and League Championship.  There are 4 glasses in the set.  This glass featuring Robin Yount and Ben Oglivie and ones featuring Ted Simmons and Rollie Fingers, Cecil Cooper and Gorman Thomas, and Paul Molitor and Pete Vuckovich.  I don't remember what I paid for the glass, but it wasn't very much. You can find these for about $5 a piece or less and full sets for under $20.  I love the old oddball stuff like this and I love the fact that you get two players for the price of one.  One of these days I might have to pick up the rest of the set, especially one with Rollie for his player collection.


  1. I collected this set directly from McDonald's when I was a kid. Good memories!

  2. does anybody know the correct order of the 2007 Milwaukee brewers medallion collection