Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Teeny Tiny Younts

If you read this blog or my main blog, Collector's Crack, you know I'm a sucker for oddballs and mini's.

I've got a few examples of micro and super micro cards from the Yount collection.

From 1991 to 1993 Topps put out a set of Micro cards.  These came out as a factory set in a tiny little box.

In 1991 Cracker Jacks also put mini cards in it's boxes.
On the left we have the Topps Micro and on the right the Cracker Jacks card, I've put the regular Topps card in the middle for reference.
In 1992 Cracker Jacks decided to do another baseball card offering, but this time with Donruss cards.  You can see that the Cracker Jacks cards used different photos for their cards than the base Donruss set.

Here we have the 1992 Topps Micro Cards.  
In 1993 Topps also inserted 12 Prism cards with each set and if you have a favorite player from this set, he's got a micro prism parallel.

There you go, by far the smallest Yount cards I own.  Topps had put out mini cards before and even super jumbo cards, but this 3 year experiment saw Topps work that far end of the size spectrum.  But then again back in the early nineties going micro was all the rage.  I'm glad Topps got away from these micro cards.  There hard to enjoy being so small and I can see them getting lost in a collection.  The 1993 set also introduced a new technology that we still see to day, but oddly enough Topps didn't reuse for quite a long time. Opting to go the foil route instead.


  1. There are also gold 91 Micro cards. They came like 5 to a boxed set.

    1. Thanks Adam, It's actually 1992 Micro that had the golds, which was the first year that topps did the whole gold thing too in the regular set as well. But I have as yet to aquire one for the Yount collection.

    2. Opps, got the year year wrong. I didn't even know about them until It's Like Having My Own Card Shop sent me one.