Friday, March 1, 2013

Chasing History trifecta

Well the year is still fairly young and I've picked up all the new 2013 Younts.  Finally.

I already featured Robin's Silver Slugger Award card, and if Topps continues its Trophy cards into Series 2 and Update I'm sure we'll see at least one MVP card for him as well.  

Robin is in the Chasing History set has card #CH-34.

This insert also has Autograph and relic versions for some of the cards, Robin doesn't have any of those.  He does have two retail foil parallels of this card though and I was able to pick both of them up relatively cheap.
The first is what has been call the Silver or White Foil parallel.  

From the scan you really can't tell that it's all that much different from the base card.  But in hand it's very shiny.

Next up we have the Gold foil parallel card.
It has nice gold foil and the banner is gold as well.  It is also very shiny.  I've seen the the new 2013 Panini National Treasures has quite a few premium Yount cards in it.  I'll be featuring a few that I know I'll never own, but there are a couple I'll at least try and snag.

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