Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen - Lots of Robin to find

I already posted something about Mr. Yount showing up in this years Allen and Ginter coming in July, but I spaced thinking he might be in this years Gyspy Queen.  I was putting together my Brewers team sets needs from the checklist over at Cardboard Connections and realized that Robin has quite few cards to chase starting next week.  Here is a mostly complete run down Robin Yount cards in 2013 Gypsy Queen.


Framed parallel
#125 - I'm not sure if these will be numbered again and also have retail framed parallels as well or 1 of 1's either, but it's Topps so there is a really good chance that there will be a numbered framed parallel and also at least one retail exclusive and if Topps decides to make unique framed parallel cards for both Target and Wal-mart and maybe even TRU there could be a few of these to chase.

Wood  numbered to 5
Leather numbered to 1!
Printing Plates

Mini Variation found in hobby mini box 

Mini Relic (framed relic)

So there are at least 8 cards to chase that are within reason.  I won't kid myself about the wood, leather and printing plates.  I'm also not going to kid myself if Topps does what it did last year and put in 1/1 framed parallel cards either, but there is always that chance.  I'll add photos to this once this product is released.

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