Thursday, March 16, 2017

1991 Donruss

Year: 1991
Manufacturer: Donruss
Set: Flagship Baseball
Card Number: 272
Card Type: Base

How about we slow it way down and just back into the junk wax era?  1991 Donruss isn't my favorite, but it, in my opinion, was a vast improvement over the 1990 puke design.  Still about as basic as it gets, the borders do bring back memories of the late 80's -early 90's pop culture designs. Still not a bad looking card, the blue border goes well with the Brewer's team colors and we get a nice portrait of Robin hanging out.  The backs are still the same as they ever were.

1 comment:

  1. I liked that Donruss for a brief period of time would put the effort in for the players contract information. That must have been a lot of work with a 600+ card set and no internet access. They actually had to put effort into the backs of cards.