Tuesday, March 14, 2017

1987 Classic Green

Year: 1987
Card Manufacturer: Classic
Card Set: Classic Baseball Trivia Game
Card Number: 44
Card Type: Base 

In the 80's everyone had a gimmick. Topps gave you gum, Donruss, puzzle pieces, Fleer, it was stickers.  Classic it was all about trivia.  Early on the only way to get Classic cards was to by the sets or games.  If my memory serves me correctly later on Classic did offer packs, but most early cards were only available in whole sets.  Usually a blister pack that included a game board and spinner.  There were also travel sets and add-ons.  Still over all the Classic cards competed very well with the big three at the time and the overall design is simple, but not unappealing. And the sets included a good sampling of the players of the day.


  1. I always loved how cards like these had that spot on the bottom of the back for an autograph. Gives me a chuckle.

  2. I was very confused when I saw Robin had 62 Wins in 1986 then I realized that the W was for BB.