Thursday, December 8, 2016

2016 Topps Trancendent

Topps Trancendant is being released tomorrow.  If you haven't heard it's the new high mark for a baseball card product with prices per box around $25,000!

It's crazy, you get 52 autographs, that's broken down into 3 1/1's, with one being a Kris Bryant, and a mix of base autos numbered to 52, and parallel autos.  And according to Topps you get at least one auto from each of the 42 signers in the set, so there will be signers that you get a base auto and a parallel.  You also get a base set of cards the set is called MLB Icons, all numbered to 65 and if I read it right they all have the same serial number.  You also get a cut auto box topper, an original sketch card and a reproduction set of all the sketch card subjects.  Is it worth $25,000?  Meh.

I bring it up here because while Robin is not a featured signer or in the base set, he is featured in the sketch cards.  So that means he'll have an original sketch card and a reproduction numbered to 65!

Anniversary Sketch Card Original TSC-37 1/1
Anniversary Sketch Card Reproduction TSCR-37 #/65

If by chance one of these should pop up on ebay or somewhere else I'll add an image for the archive.

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