Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016 Topps Dynasty

Topps recently released the list of subjects in this year's Topps Dynasty project.  Like years past you get one card per box, per $300 box.  Yikes.  Robin's been listed as a signer.  Looks like base auto relic are numbered to 10 with a parallel numbered to 5 and 1.  It hasn't been made clear whether or not each subject will have multiple cards in the set like in years past or only one card and the parallels.  I'll keep you updated when I learn more I'm harasses Topps on Twitter about it as we speak.

Update:  So I got a little back and forth going with Topps on Twitter.  Here's what they had to say to my questions.

Similar to year's past means the player will have multiple cards numbered to 10 and parallels of those cards.  How many? Who knows until the product is released and then good luck I guess.

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