Friday, August 28, 2015

1991 Star Stellar #30

Year: 1991
Card Manufacturer: Star
Card Set: Stellar
Card Number: 30
Card Type: Base

I just realized as I look through my post queue that I really need to start scanning more pre 2000 cards to post about.

So I'll feature another one of Robin's cards from Star's Stellar issue.

Card 30 features Robin's World Series stats.  The Brewers went to the World Series in 1982 losing to the Cardinals in 7.  It's the closest the teams ever come to winning it all.  Of course the 1982 team was pretty awesome.

By even the standards of the day Star's card issues were pretty amateurish, but they did feature some of the best stars of the day and we get a bunch of cards that feature Robin. And if the back of the card is to be believe there are only 500 copies of this card.

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