Thursday, January 12, 2012

1988 Grenada Stamps M6532 Yount Panel

I'm an oddball lover.  Food issues, discs, die-cut, parallels, mini's, you name it and of course who doesn't love stamps.  I had a small stamp collection growing up, nothing super and I was never really into it, but I always love when one hobby intersects with another.  Here we have my full panel of 1988 Grenada Stamps featuring Robin Yount and a slew of other HOFers and All-Stars.

Over all there were nine different 9 stamp panels with a total of 81 individual stamps.  The Stamp catalog number for this set is M6532.  A full set of sheets will set you back about 20 bucks or so.  Here's a close up of the individual stamps with of course Mr. Yount first in line.

Charlie is the only one on the sheet I didn't readily recognize.  After a quick Google search I find out he played for 24 years in the majors with the majority of his time split between the Dodgers and the
Rangers and then playing 2 years a piece with the White Sox and the Marlins at the end of his career.

Just an interesting note for Mr. Aaron here who is pictured in his Milwaukee Braves jersey on an Atlanta Braves stamp.

A really nice panel full of great players and a great collectible for any PC collection of any of these great players.


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