Tuesday, November 7, 2017

2003 Upper Deck Classic Portraits Baseball Royalty

Year: 2003
Manufacture: Upper Deck
Set: Classic Portraits
Card Number: 198
Card Type: Base, Sub-Set
Sub-Set: Baseball Royalty
Card Attributes: Serial Numbered
Serial Number: 0192/1200

Upper Deck's Classic Portraits has an interesting checklist and format.  The first 100 cards kind of make up a standard base set, with cards 101-145 being short printed.  There are also a couple sub-sets in the full base set with cards 146-190 being the MLB Proteges sub-set numbered to 2003 and cards 191-232 being the Baseball Royalty sub-set numbered to 1200.  Luckily for us Yount collector's Robin has a card in the Baseball Royalty sub-set.  There is a Gold parallel to the set but only the first 190 cards are paralleled, so this is the only card to chase.  It's a thick card with a fancy frame. The portrait is set inside and off set from the frame, the reason for the lousy scan.  Overall it's a nice looking card in hand, but with the placement of the serial number right below the portrait it almost looks like a mugshot.

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