Monday, October 31, 2016

2005 Topps Pristine Most Valuable Player Bat Relic

Year: 2005
Manufacturer: Topps
Set: Pristine Legends
Card Number: VP-RY
Card Type: Insert Relic
Insert Set: Most Valuable Player Relics
Relic Type: Bat

Ah 2005, the year of the Yount. 2005 marked a year that saw the most individual Robin Yount cards ever produced.  Couple years ago I did a graph showing all the cards produced for Robin based off of what was in the Trading Card Database.  Of course you have to account for some error, but 2005 had 1000 cards.  The next two most numerous years (2004 and 2008) combined doesn't even add up to that.  The majority of those cards are all the crazy parallels put out by Upper Deck and Donruss, but Robin also has his fair share of Topps cards that year.

Topps Pristine had an interesting layout.  It was high end before high end got a little too crazy.  Each box had 5 tri-packs. In each try pack you got: 1) a Refractor Relic, Autograph Card, or Celebrity Cut Signature, 2) a Game-Used Memorabilia Card or a Celebrity Relic Card, and 3) Retired Legends Cards.  

Not only that but cards were chromed and shiny.  While these MVP relics are unnumbered there is a low numbered refractor version to chase.

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