Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The first new Yount of the year, isn't even real yet.

I was searching on eBay the other day and noticed that Mr. Yount has a die-cut card available from Topps' Golden Giveaway promotion.  

There are gold versions of this card too, no idea how much rarer they are than the base.

And there's the super rare 1/1 gold inlaid parallel.

I find it amusing that people are already selling the die-cuts on ebay.  Topps states that these won't even be available to ship till mid-April and then allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  So if you buy this card from a guy on ebay you have to wait till at least mid April to get it, well past the 45 days to file a claim and these sellers also offer another option of trading for the card you buy, but since you can only trade for like items on the giveaway website that means you have to trade another die-cut for the card you bought.  Seems like both options are a losing proposition right now.  I'm going to wait till these get in hand before going after the base and the gold, but it's nice to see that Robin is going to have a few new cards this year, plus I have a feeling he should make it into a few of the inserts in Series 2 or Update.

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