Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gold at the card show.

I'll be honest the "card shows" here in Anchorage kinda suck.  So much so, that they usually get put on with the Stamp and Coin shows at one of the local malls.  It's the same guys, who I usually see at trade nights, and the same stuff.  I got an email about a show last weekend and decided heck why not.  I had a twenty in my pocket that begged to be traded for cards.  There were only two sellers there and I looked through all the boxes and pulled out cheap Packers parallels and then I found gold. Literally, well parallely anyways.
I've been trying to pick up one of these 2011 Yount Gold Parallels for a while now and they always seem to go for way too much on ebay.  I ended up picking this guy up for a couple of bucks.  Way cheaper than online and no shipping.  Welcome to the collection!

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  1. Nice Score! I couldn't imagine living where you do in the 80's when there was no such thing as online. That would be ... horrifying.