Friday, March 18, 2011

New Younts on the Horizon

Next month a couple new Topps products come out, Tribute and the retro Gypsy Queen.  After looking over the checklists and sell sheets Mr. Yount is going to make a few appearances in both sets, in both the base and hit cards, as well as, all the variations.  I've made a little checklist for myself and any other Yountophiles that would like to keep track of the all the new Yount options coming out next month. 

Topps has a lot of TBA on it's current checklist so there might be other cards that pop up, I wouldn't hold my breath and I can't say this checklist is totally complete, but if anyone knows of any other variations or cards that Robin Yount appears in these two sets let me know.

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen

Base #61
Base Variation Framed Paper /999
Base Variation Gold
Base Varitaion Stamp Relic/10

Mini Variation
Base Printing Plates (4) 1/1

Mini cards
Gypsy Queen Leather/10
Gypsy Queen Sephia Tone /99
Gypsy Queen Black
Gypsy Queen Black Border
Mini Printing plates (4) 1/1

The Great Ones GO18

2011 Topps Tribute

Base #26
Base parallel Red 1/1
Base parallel Gold /50
Base parallel Green /99
Base parallel Black /99
Base parallel Blue /399
Base Printing plates (4) 1/1

Autographed Relic
Red parallel 1/1
Gold parallel /25
Black parallel /50
Green parallel /75

Tribute to the Stars
TSTA-YMB Triple Autograph with Paul Molitor and Ryan Braun /24
  Red parallel 1/1

Dual Relic

RDR-RY  /99
 Red parallel 1/1
Gold parallel /25
Black parallel /50
Green parallel /75

That's quite a few cards not even counting all the 1/1 printing plates.  I'm not sure about all the Gypsy Queen mini parallels either the sell sheet and info was a little confusing but I'm sure after it's released that'll all be cleared up. 

Yount has already had 2 cards issued this year from Topps Series 1.  60 Years of Topps #25 both the regular and original backs.   Like I said if anyone know of any more parallels or inserts or if any of this is wrong let me know.  I know I'll be going after a few of these.  I probably won't be able to snag a 1/1 printing plate, but I'm might try for a couple low numbered parallels.

Well I'm off on vacation for 2 weeks.  Cheers.

cb out

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